Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mark Bozon Leaves IGN

Mark Bozon left IGN today. I am sorry to see him leave. He is staying in the industry though - so that's good. I hope his next place of employment treats him well.

Mark is a great journalist (sure, he's been victim to a few typos), a great gamer, and a great dude. I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Mark a few times. He's the type of person you want writing about - or even making - video games because he's passionate about them.

Just wanted to say good luck to you sir.



  1. I'm glad he's staying in the industry, I always felt like he gave games a fair shot and that our tastes line up pretty well. I'll look for him wherever he turns up next.

  2. Man, the IGN Nintendo is getting less and less recognizable. Who's left; Craig Harris and that Lucas fellow who seems to hate that he has to review everything downloadable for Wii and DS?

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