Sunday, January 31, 2010

Metal Gear Solid DS?

Why hasn't there been a Metal Gear Solid (or three) developed for the DS? Perhaps Konami / Kojima Productions does not think the audience is there. I think it is.  Konami / Kojima Productions released Lunar Knights on the DS on 2007, which shows Kojima had some interest in the platform. Perhaps the idea behind Lunar Knights was to capture a different, younger, audience? Unfortunately, that title didn't sell very well in the US. According to the NPD data, Dementium: The Ward sold more copies - which blows my mind. I think the success of the Castlevania series shows that there's an audience for MGS on the DS.

One of my favorite Metal Gear Solid games is the one developed for the Gameboy Color. It is known as Metal Gear Solid in the US, and Metal Gear: Ghost Babel in Japan. According to wikipedia, it is an alternate sequel to the original Metal Gear Solid, "set seven years after Solid Snake's mission in Outer Heaven".

Can you imagine a MGS on the DS? Even an enhanced version of Ghost Babel for the DS would be great. How cool would that be? I think it would be incredible. Even if the visuals are only on a par with the PS1 version, it would be an awesome addition to the DS library! Man, I'd buy two copies: one to play and one for display! :)

C'mon Konami, where's our MGS DS? If you guys don't have the bandwidth right now, Renegade Kid would be honored to develop it for you. Just say the word...



  1. Yes a MGS on the DS would be awesome^^ I'd thought very often about good games that could work on the DS. Like Silent Hill, or an cool 1st Person Shooter like Condemned.
    It also would be great if you develop Silent Hill DS or Bioshock DS or maybe Dead Space.

    Renegade Kid you are THE BEST!!!
    Jools and Co. for EVER :D

  2. Well, if all the MGS games that are on or on their way to PSP are any indication, then they're more interested in the technical fidelity to support Kojima's vision, or just plain supporting Sony, than they are with trying to reach a big audience.

  3. I'm thinking the only reason Jools is taking about this is because this relates to there projects which they posted before, and this the licenced title which the published approached them about?

    Am I right?

  4. Yes, I think you're right wesfx7. They do seem very focused on producing impressive technical feats.

    Man, I wish you were right trinest, but no - MGS is always on my mind and this is just wishful thinking. :)

  5. Ah okay, I think the fan in me got a little to big and thought that would of been it.

    I decided that because your a developer your not aloud to talk about other things then your own games, oh well. Maybe I should re-think that idea.

    I also think you would be good at Konami's Lost in Blue series as well, I think you would be more inclinded to push the series as 1st Person Survival game, then what it has become. Epic slashing of forests and stuff to get to the next part. Ha!

    I think every developer or gamer has some crazy idea of what they would do if they had a certain IP. Most of the time its unrealistic, but one day it might be real for you if you.

  6. Kojima wanted Snake in Smash Bros (he was the one who proposed the idea to Nintendo), but it doesn't really look like he wants to develop any MGS games for any Nintendo platform anymore. Personally i think a MGS DS would be awesome (it it were traditional MGS instead of the boring PSP versions)