Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Do I Want?

I want to make games that demand your attention, not because their contents are controversial, but because they are great. Great in some way. Great to you. I have a strong desire to create new places of fantasy that become real in your mind. Places that you will grow emotionally attached to. These places will offer challenge, reward, fear, and joy. They will be both mysterious and comfortable to you. I want to introduce you to characters that amuse you, puzzle you, scare you... connect with you. They will be dependable; they will be there when you need them. They will never fail you. When you're not wanting to traverse, converse, or subvert, I want to give you the perfect toy to play with. A toy that will bring you many hours of enjoyment, only asking little of you and giving infinity in return. The sights, the sounds, and the sensations will grip you with their intent, designed to convey a true moment in life. What I want is pure. What I want is fantasy. I want this for you, because many others have given this to me.



  1. Sounds great! In return, I'll give you money! Seriously though, I love both Dementium: The Ward and Moon and look forward to the other projects you guys are working on.

    I became a Renegade Kid fan after about 30 seconds of playing Dementium: The Ward. I knew I was in for something completely different and real; not some kind of gimmicky game. Every dark hallway and every strike of a creepy piano key solidified my fandom. I hope the best for your company because I want to see what else you guys can pull out of the hat.

  2. I see it just as you do your games are just fabulous and they are truly groundbreaking for the DS. I'm serious. For the DS, have the courage to make such an 'adult' game for the kids supposed to console from Nintendo. That's great. Finally, dare, most DS owners are not even of legal age, was classified as a game with M to buy. Because they had little fear that the game would not be good.
    But you have the players are not disappointed.
    I hope your development studio preserved for a very long time to follow and be really good and high quality games and Dementium Dementium II. And that your studio does not fall into the madness of mass production. That would be a pity.

  3. Jools my man...what else can us hardcore DS gamers say but THANK YOU to you and the rest of Renegade Kid! You guys are the prime example of what i've been preaching to other gamers about for years! Its not about how hi-tech or low-spec your system of choice is!!!! Its all about the developer! You guys put DS on the map for many hardcore gamers who play FPSs..and converted some PSP owners in the process...thanks again!

  4. When I began reading the text, I thought this sounded like an ad for Pokémon.. =D

    Seriously, you guys are doing a perfect job, you definately reached your goals, you already gave hundreds of players hours of enjoyement..
    I only could repeat what the posters above me already said...

    Thank you, Jools.

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