Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jools Watsham's Developer Diary: Lots of Goodness!

Saturday, Feb 27, 2010: Red is progressing very nicely. We'll have that proposal spit-and-polished and ready to send to the publisher next week. The game that I imagine in my mind would be awesome. Let's hope it becomes a reality.

Spirit is not only progressing extremely well in terms of the game itself, with very positive feedback regarding the quality of the game from publishers, but we also got two juicy bites from publishers this week. Very nice! Usually, I hear a lot of "Cool, we'll hopefully have feedback for you next week." Man, I've heard that a lot. :) Next week can easily turn into a month or five. I sent the Spirit playable demo to publishers on Monday, and I've already received some very interested responses from two publishers. I doubt they're reading this, but if they are - thank you for your quick response and interest in our game. We have received counter-proposals, and we're discussing payment schedules and royalties. If a publisher takes the time to propose something back to you, it is a good sign that they're actually interested. I can't let myself get my hopes up too much, but I am excited at the prospect of finding a publishing partner for Spirit. It is a game that I think people will really appreciate on the DS. I know I wanna play the final game already! ;)

As usual, I'm still waiting on feedback for Stars, Crew, Jack, Face, and Shapes. I think three of those are probably dead at this point.

A new proposal has emerged from the vault; an old puzzle game that I've been kicking around for what seems like years now! Let's call that Puzzle. Two different publishers have shown interest in any puzzle game concepts we have for a potential DSiWare game. So, I spent some time this week finishing that off and making it presentable as a proposal.

Hope you're having a great day. TTYL.



  1. So, if Red doesn't work out with that publisher, could you take your original idea for that game and make it instead?

  2. The concept we have created for Red is based on the creative brief we received from the publisher. This wasn't a situation where we had an original idea and made it fit a license.

    The title we're actively developing (Spirit) has been proposed for a couple of licensed properties, and in that case, yes we can take the original idea and make that instead.

  3. Jools...whats your thoughts on the new DSI XL?this is a little off topic but cool none the less.Ill probably get one pretty cool to play Dementium and Moon on a 4 plus inch screen eh? FPS guys should love it...besides,my eyes arent what they used to be so a bigger screen is more my speed.Gotta wonder about the battery life though.

  4. Oh..glad to hear RED is moving along fine, ill keep my fingers crossed for you guys. Thats also good news to your fans you know? we are all cheering for you!

  5. Ah, I got the games mixed up. Still though, you answered my question, thank you.

  6. Hm, so if Puzzle got brought back from the vault, then the three that you think are dead could come back as well, right?

    And on the logistics of getting a publisher for a downloadable title; I notice that most WiiWare stuff is published by the same studio that's developing it. I don't have a DSi to check out DSiWare, but I'm guessing the ratios are similar, so my question; does getting a publisher come from not having the staff/experience in-house to do it, or is it just more directly a financial issue?

  7. Thank you, Wunderweazel75.

    Regarding a publisher for DSiWare, wesfx7, yes it is for financial support. One day we'll be in a position to release our own downloadable games on our own, but not just yet.

  8. hopefully you'll have some great news next week :)

  9. Hey Jools, there are a few upcoming DSiWare titles that look pretty cool: Metal Torrent, Dracula - Undead Rising, and X-Scape.

    Check this topic for more info, links to pics and vids and such:

  10. I just picked up Aliens vs Predator for the Xbox360, its pretty cool so far. If 20th Century Fox approached Renegade Kid about making a DS Alien game, would you be willing to give it a shot?

  11. Yes, this would be great^^
    A Alien vs Predator game for the DS by Renegade Kid...Awesome xD

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