Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indiana Jones Trilogy!

We have a theater in Austin called Alamo Drafthouse that serves good food during a movie, and I mean real food like burgers, pizza, salads, etc. Oh, and beer! Anyway, they're having a special event next Sunday where they are showing the Indiana Jones trilogy (not the 4th - haters!) back to back. How awesome is that? I thought the 4th was decent, but they don't count it, oh well. :) And, they're serving a special menu for the day, which includes monkey brains! This is the menu:

1 - Fresh Catch

Striped Bass roasted in a tangerine sauce over wild forest mushrooms on mixed jungle greens

2 - Mousaka
Lamb, dates, in ancient Egyptian spices on roast tomato

3 - Snake Curry
Slow cooked snake and plantain in madras curry served with black rice on banana leaf

4 - Eyeball Soup
Roast pearl onion soup

5 - Fuhrer’s Fave
Richardson Farm’s Pork cutlet breaded and fried with sauerkraut and spaetzle

6 - Monkey Brains!!!
Sweet coconut risotto, strawberry reduction, lychee nut, monkey skull

...And for all you thrill-seekers: don't be surprised if some beetles end up as a side dish!

I am so freakin' excited. This is the best set of movies, ever. Can't wait until next Sunday!!!