Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dementium III Kickstarter Campaign

At the moment of this blog post, there are 538 retweets on the Dementium III kickstarter tweet. An impressive amount for sure!

A little back story: Last Tuesday evening, February 2 2016, I tweeted out a call to action for folk's to show their interest in us running a kickstarter campaign for Dementium III. Anyone that liked this idea could show their support by retweeting the tweet. After our failed Cult County kickstarter campaign, we needed to have some confidence in public interest before going into a campaign.

Even before a kickstarter campaign goes live, there is a tremendous amount of work and money invested to present a well thought out concept and plan. Our goal with a kickstarter would be to present a project that is not only appealing, but also something we can accomplish, i.e. deliver on!

The magic number of retweets I am looking for is in the range of a few thousand (3000 would be ideal). The hope would be to have the majority of the people who retweeted translate over to becoming kickstarter backers, giving the project a much needed boost of support when the campaign goes live.

As I am sure you've realized by know, we're nowhere near the number of retweets we need to move forward with a kickstarter campaign for Dementium III. This does not mean the dream has to die. But, it does mean that we need some help. We need your help to get the word out to all horror fans who want to see a new dark and twisted survival horror experience on their gaming platform of choice.

In an effort to avoid this anguishing in hell for too long, we need a deadline to reach our goal of 3000 retweets before every one of you and every one of us is driven insane with false hope. :)

Show your love for Dementium III before the clock strikes midnight (EST) on Valentine's night or forever hold your peace! That's next Sunday, February 14 btw. :) Thank you for your interest and support.

For a little more info, check out my interview with Ryan at Rely on Horror.