Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My DSiWare Fun - Episode 1: Dark Void Zero and Escapee GO!

This is a little column I'd like to call My DSiWare Fun. This is where I waffle about my findings on DSiWare. Chances are that any game I write about here is a decent one. Why waste time writing about bad ones, right?

This week I had the pleasure of downloading two gems:


My Description:
Pitched as a "lost project" of the NES era that has been resurected after 20 years; Dark Void Zero is a 2D version of its' big brother on the 360 / PS3. You pick up different weapons, fly using a jetpack, blast enemies, and collect keycards to progress to new areas.

My Experience:
I am having a lot of fun with Dark Void Zero. It has tight controls and a good set of weapons, abilities, and enemies to experience. I haven't completed the game yet, but it does not seem to have a save progress feature. It does include checkpoints, which is great. But, it still may be a little hardcore for some. Art and sound is pleasingly retro.

My Advice:
Buy it - it's five bucks!


My Description:
Guide a female patient out of a whacky hospital, while guards try to stop you.

My Experience:
It almost feels like an enhanced Pac-Man. I am really enjoying the game. Despite my reference to Pac-Man, this game feels fresh. The tension created by the chase is just great. Art and sound are executed well.

My Advice:
Buy it - it's two bucks!!

Until the next installment of My DSiWare Fun, go out there in DSiWare Land and have fun with your Nintendo Points.