Sunday, January 31, 2010

Metal Gear Solid DS?

Why hasn't there been a Metal Gear Solid (or three) developed for the DS? Perhaps Konami / Kojima Productions does not think the audience is there. I think it is.  Konami / Kojima Productions released Lunar Knights on the DS on 2007, which shows Kojima had some interest in the platform. Perhaps the idea behind Lunar Knights was to capture a different, younger, audience? Unfortunately, that title didn't sell very well in the US. According to the NPD data, Dementium: The Ward sold more copies - which blows my mind. I think the success of the Castlevania series shows that there's an audience for MGS on the DS.

One of my favorite Metal Gear Solid games is the one developed for the Gameboy Color. It is known as Metal Gear Solid in the US, and Metal Gear: Ghost Babel in Japan. According to wikipedia, it is an alternate sequel to the original Metal Gear Solid, "set seven years after Solid Snake's mission in Outer Heaven".

Can you imagine a MGS on the DS? Even an enhanced version of Ghost Babel for the DS would be great. How cool would that be? I think it would be incredible. Even if the visuals are only on a par with the PS1 version, it would be an awesome addition to the DS library! Man, I'd buy two copies: one to play and one for display! :)

C'mon Konami, where's our MGS DS? If you guys don't have the bandwidth right now, Renegade Kid would be honored to develop it for you. Just say the word...