Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jools Watsham's Developer Diary - May 15, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010: We submitted another milestone for Spirit yesterday. The game is progressing really well; I'm really pleased with it. We included all of items listed on the milestone deliverables and also managed to squeeze in a little more on the UI side that I didn't expect... well done chaps! It feels good to be on track to get get this game completed on time and to a good quality standard.

Face is cruising along nicely. We had a dramatic "change" dropped on us on Friday. It is a rather large and exciting change that will delay us a smidge, but the outcome is something of sweetness that I think every one will enjoy. Man, I wish I could tell you more.

Smoke is getting closer to getting signed. It is possible that we'll start development next week. Very excited about that. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but Smoke is with the same publisher as Spirit. I'm really happy about the idea of working with the great guys there; they've been nothing short of awesome to work with. I appreciate it when I am fortunate enough to work with people who are both real and nice... it's really nice. :)

Nothing new on Red, so I'm not going to mention that anymore unless something happens. Feels silly just saying "nothing on Red" every week.

E3 is soooo close - just a month away. I am very excited about going. I love E3. My bionic heel is going to slow me down a bit, but it'll be worth the marathon. I enjoy going to E3 for so many reasons: 1. It is my geek getaway, where I get to indulge in my love for games and the games industry. 2. I get to hang out with old friends, meet new friends, talk shop, and drink beer. And, this year I get to learn more (and hopefully play) the Nintendo 3DS. Awesome!

Hope you're having a great day. TTYL.