Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jools Watsham's Developer Diary - May 8, 2010

Saturday May 8, 2010: The big news for last week was the release of Dementium II. Not only was the game actually released (finally), it was met with positive reviews. Yes! There are still a few sites, such as Destructoid, who have not posted their review yet and I look forward to reading their thoughts. It seems the main negative point reviews have found with Dementium II is the length of the adventure, which I find puzzling. Dementium II is the same length, if not longer than Dementium: The Ward, and no one said that it was too short. Perhaps it is because the added variety in Dementium II makes the experience feel as though it goes by quicker, or perhaps reviewers are just looking for something to criticize. If it is too short, then I would certainly prefer a short experience that is good over a long experience that spreads the goodness too thin. I think Moon suffered from the latter.

Progress on Spirit and Face is going very well. They’re both in production. We’re all extremely busy of course. Two new programmers joined us this month: Andrew Brown, who worked with us on Dementium: The Ward, Moon, and Dementium II – it is great to be working with Andrew again (welcome back dude). And, we’re happy to welcome Giovanni Acosta to the team for the first time, who headed up the network side of the Call of Duty series on the DS. Sure, this certainly suggests we’re doing some multiplayer work… but more on that later. :)

I have heard nothing regarding Red.

Smoke is getting extremely close to becoming a reality. We received the contract and are now finalizing the milestone deliverables with the publisher. This project is likely to start within the next two weeks. As I mentioned before, Smoke is a fun, small project. It is something that I personally think is a great deviation from our other games. I can tell you now that if you’re a fan of Dementium, Smoke may not be for you. :)

Hope you’re having a great day. TTYL.



  1. I know you're probably not gonna answer this yet but, What kind of game is Smoke? An FPS? A platformer?..

  2. No offense to you at all, Jools. But the game DOES seem a little shorter. It may not be, but it seems shorter to me. I just got it a couple of days ago, I didn't get to play much due to my finals, and yet I am already to

    *spoiler to my fellow followers, sorry!*

    the Malatesta. I'm not completely sure if it's the end of the game, but I've already linked that to open a new mode of survival, you must defeat a boss, and the level of survival mode is indicated by the lit circles at the bottom. It felt as if it took me half the time to get to this point than it did with Dementium. But it is very fine work, and a bit more challenging.

  3. I dont think its too short, that might be becuase im really takeing my time with it.

    i bet smoke is the game ign previewed, the 3rd person water gun game... forget what its called...

  4. found it, maximillian and the rise of the mutiant mudd.

  5. Oh, I waited for soooooo long until I finally came across it. I almost got tears on my eyes, cos' I just loved the first dementium and and almost dropped dead when I heard dementium II was comming out.
    It has MAJOR improvements compared to the fisrt one (someone has been reading the reviews) and I think the lenght is enough. Good It didn't take long because It felt like It should have ended where it ended.
    I think the story is still a little complicated to follow, I think I'm going to play the game again to see If I can understand it.

    AHHH BUT... (the deadly BUT)
    THe ending... oh the ending... dementium I ended so brilliantly, so unexpectedly. But this one... well.. It scared me, but still left me with the feeling that there should have been something else...

    Great game anyway. 9/10

  6. I like Dementium and I just may like Smoke :)

    If it's a well made fun game I will like it :)

    I'm still waiting for more info on all your projects.... E3?