Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deadly Premonition

Warning - this contains spoilers on Deadly Premonition. Zach, did you get that? Are you there, Zach?

I ordered Deadly Premonition for the 360 through and it arrived this week. I have only put a couple of hours into playing the game so far. The reason I bought the game is because of Jim Sterling's review on Destructoid. He loved it. And, the video Jim posted of the game - the coffee scene - well, that's when I fell in love with the game.

Deadly Premonition is a very campy survival horror game that has humor, scares, and oodles of entertainment. The key to enjoying this game is knowing what you're getting into before you play it; it is strange and wonderful. In comparison, Silent Hill takes itself a lot more seriously than Deadly Premonition.

What I really like about the game is the main character: Agent York. He is hilarious, and ridiculous. He talks a lot, he's smart, and he's probably a little insane. Oh, and he has an impeccable palette and a weakness for biscuits - especially those made by Thomas. The way York introduces himself in the same exaggerated manner each time he meets someone new just cracks me up. It is both campy and adds to the OCD nature of his personality. There is a lot to like in Deadly Premotion. At $19.99, you can't go wrong really.



  1. It's amazing, but I'm having a blast playing through Deadly Premonition. I'm not too far ahead of you, Jools, but rest assured there are some interesting scenes in store for you if you keep playing.

    It's an eccentric game, but there's quite a bit of depth to it as well. As one reviewer said, it's like a relic from the Saturn era where games like this weren't surprising, but playing it now gives it that familiar odd feeling that games these days just can't create or at least not expected from.

    (currently aiming for all achievements)

  2. I even didnt have any info about this game until I enter here. That makes me little bit nervous couse I love horrors and that kind of game.
    Wondering what the hell happened to IGN?
    Why they giving so low score?
    Didnt get money to promote this or maybe they graphic whores?
    Poor shooter on Wii get 8.6 only becouse members was in credits.
    Game looks like Twin Peaks to me and that was imho the best TV series of all time.
    Agent York is the new Cooper and the whole town is a gory version of Twin Peaks.
    I loved to play Deadly Promonition hope that Marvelous someday release it on PC or Wii-dreams:).

  3. Yep, very cool game. I was shocked that it was so interesting and so long, considering it's $19.99 asking price. One of the most memorable titles I've played in a long while.