Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dementium II is Released Today!

Today is the day that Dementium II is finally released in the US for the Nintendo DS!

A team of ten hard working chaps worked together for 11 months to make Dementium II. Our goal was to improve upon Dementium: The Ward in every way. We read every review, every forum comment, and created a list of the features that we thought either worked, failed, or were missing in our debut title. We treated this project as if it were our last hoorah! Our last epic story to tell on the DS. We wanted the player's journey to feel real, not restricted by repeating corridors, respawning enemies, or a bad save system. Every step you take as William Redmoor treads on unique ground crafted by designers and artists. Each of the 12 enemies and 4 bosses are designed to not only present unique visuals and audio, but also require you to decide which of your 10 weapons is most effective in killing them. Dementium II was a labor of love. It was a great project that ran smoothly, and was completed on time. It was my favorite project to work on in my 18 years of game development. Wow, what a ride. Now, it is finally in your hands to enjoy. I hope you enjoy every nook and cranny of the Bright Dawn Treatment Center, Pelf Village, and beyond.

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