Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My DSiWare Fun - Episode 1: Dark Void Zero and Escapee GO!

This is a little column I'd like to call My DSiWare Fun. This is where I waffle about my findings on DSiWare. Chances are that any game I write about here is a decent one. Why waste time writing about bad ones, right?

This week I had the pleasure of downloading two gems:


My Description:
Pitched as a "lost project" of the NES era that has been resurected after 20 years; Dark Void Zero is a 2D version of its' big brother on the 360 / PS3. You pick up different weapons, fly using a jetpack, blast enemies, and collect keycards to progress to new areas.

My Experience:
I am having a lot of fun with Dark Void Zero. It has tight controls and a good set of weapons, abilities, and enemies to experience. I haven't completed the game yet, but it does not seem to have a save progress feature. It does include checkpoints, which is great. But, it still may be a little hardcore for some. Art and sound is pleasingly retro.

My Advice:
Buy it - it's five bucks!


My Description:
Guide a female patient out of a whacky hospital, while guards try to stop you.

My Experience:
It almost feels like an enhanced Pac-Man. I am really enjoying the game. Despite my reference to Pac-Man, this game feels fresh. The tension created by the chase is just great. Art and sound are executed well.

My Advice:
Buy it - it's two bucks!!

Until the next installment of My DSiWare Fun, go out there in DSiWare Land and have fun with your Nintendo Points.



  1. You mention your preference to Pacman. Is that to say you like it more, or you aren't a fan of Pacman, but like this?

    I always appreciate more DSiWare and WiiWare coverage in the world. Thanks.

  2. I was just referencing how similar it is to Pac-Man, not suggesting a preference to Pac-Man.

    Pac-Man is a pure game, which is fun but can also get old pretty fast.

    The extra depth that Escapee GO! offers kind of expands on that idea, which I think is cool.

  3. Oh, jeez. You didn't say "preference" at all in the first place. Darn phantom Ps sneaking into words and such.

  4. Thanks for commenting on Escape Go. I had considered that game but wasn't too sure about it.

    As for Dark Void Zero, after beating the game on any difficulty, you can start off on the third (and final) mission, but if you start a new game, you lose that starting point.

    I recommend looking into AiRace Tunnel. It is made by the same guys who made C.O.R.E. and is only 200 points. It isn't too shabby for the price.