Monday, March 14, 2011

SXSW 2011 + First Footage of Face Kart on Nintendo 3DS


  1. Huh. I've never heard of SXSW. Shame since it's like 5 times closer to me than a PAX, E3, or GDC.
    Open to the public? Strong following of gamers?

    Not really enough footage of Face Kart for me to comment.

  2. The courses look kinda narrow. I know it's pre-alpha, which gives it all the more reason to work on that.

  3. Yes, SXSW Screenburn is open to the public. I think this is the first year that it has had so many gaming studios, so let's hope it continues to grow in awesomeness.

    Thank you for your feedback on the tracks. Some of them are a little narrow. We're in the "track adjustment" stage now. :)

  4. Jools I was playing Mario Kart wii last night and i had an idea for Face Kart. You've probably thought of it already. Anyways.. I see Face Kart as being Mario Kart meets Photo Dojo. It would be cool if on top of scanning your face you could also record taunts that would then be used in the game. You could record what your dude says when he passes someone, wipes out, or nails someone with a weapon. All using the 3ds mic. Anyways it just occurred to me when i was playing Mario Kart and my bro used his Mii and the Mii's by far have the worst taunts.