Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here's Mii:

(Scan the above QR code with your 3DS to add my Mii to your plaza.)


  1. Whats your friendcode Jools?
    Mine is: 4210-3970-6050.

  2. That looks really great. You can tell you put a lot into it. So I will have to download it onto my 3DS.

    I was wondering I know that Mutant Mudds never got all the votes to make it a DSware game. But would you ever think about making it a 3DS or 3DSware game? Do you think that any one would publish the game for Renegade Kid or is the game truly dead?

    Also with the NGP coming will Renegade Kid make games for that system too? Because I was thinking with the 3DS & NGP both having a

    Plus having motion sensors would this make it easier to port one game to the other minus the 3D. Because many games on the PS3 also are on the 360. So how hard would it be to do some thing like that.

    I also was wondering is the code name (Planet) a sequel to Moon? Would you ever think about bringing Son of the Dragon to the 3DS? Because I believe you own the IP. I might be wrong. But if you do would there be hope for this game to see the light again?

    That all being said thanks for making great games on the DS & I look forward to playing the 3DS games that you make next.

  3. In an attempt to get on the Friend Code bandwagon, mine is 3695-0026-4124. On a side note, you should try playing Dementium and Moon with your 3DS; that circle pad is pretty nice to have.

    Just out of curiosity Jools, are there any 3DS launch games you particularly like?

  4. Hi Jools,

    Love the Vlogs. I've added you to my 3DS friends list. Here is mine.

    Looking forward to playing Facekart.

    All the best from the UK.

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