Saturday, September 7, 2013

VLOG: Treasurenauts, Mutant Mudds on Steam, PS Vita, PS3, and Mighty No. 9!


  1. The screenshots look great in 3D... I wonder how the 3DS makes things look so crisp.

    Congrats on making it through the Greenlight process! Did you ever find out what the problem was, or were you in the dark right up until it went through?

  2. Jools, my man, over the months and years you've run this blog, I have provided you with my best advice gained from a lifetime of studying the industry from a gamer's perspective. I've seen you evolve from a relatively obscure 3rd party dev to a wet-behind-the-ears Indie dev discovering the secret, successful world of side-scrollers. But your latest post proves what I have suspected for a while now: you no longer need my assistance. My work here is done. I will bid you adieu, but before I do, I shall make one last request that you come through on the Mutant Mudds physical copy. For if you were to start breaking promises, I would know that my greatest fear has been realized: your rise to Indie juggernaut has gone to your head. And the Renegade Kid will have joined forces with The Man

  3. Jools, my man...I guess I'm a liar :( BUT, I wouldn't come here if I didn't think this was of the utmost importance. I'm gonna suggest somethin that may sound absolutely ludacris at 1st, but when pondered upon for a bit, makes every other idea seem off-the-wall bonkers.

    Me suggestion es : make Moon 2, or whatever your next 1st person shooter happens to be, a Nintendo DS game. That ain't a typo. I didn't forget a "3". I just been crunchin some numbers. And the numbers tell me that most o your business from FPS's to this point comes from the States. So I'm gonna throw out some numbers here, some factual, some speculative, to try to paint this picture (using a brush I borrowed from Yen Sid) inside the noggin buried under those flowing locks of yours.

    Ok, boring math stuff. Nintendo DS has sold about 153 MILLION units worldwide. A little more than 57 million of those come from the States, which are the ones we're interested in. So here's the speculatin: we'll never actually know exactly who is still holdin onto their DS now that it's extinct from the market, but we can make an educated guess. Let's say 50% of all those DS owners have misplaced their DS (sold it, left it at an ex-girlfriends house, traded it in for a 3DS, outgrew it, etc.). That gives us about 28.5 million US DS owners roamin around. 3DS has sold about 34 million worldwide, and about 10 million of those come from the States. Let's say 15% of all those 3DS American owners have lost their 3DS one way or another. That gives us about 8.5 million still and current 3DS owners in the US of A.

    So if you make an FPS specifically for 3DS, you have a pool of potential buyers that sits at 8.5 million. But if you add in the DS owners of America, since 3DS can play original DS games, you get a MUCH more impressive 37 million owners to try to impress. Of course, those DS owners can only be impressed with a DS game.

    So aside from drastically increasing the size of your potential audience, what other benefits does developin it on the DS have? Well, you could easily make an enhanced version of the game for the eShop, "just" (I say that loosely since I have no idea how much work this would take) by cleaning up some textures, adding in a 3D effect and some little details, and maybe adding in some additional content that wouldn't squeeze onto a DS cart.

    Which brings me to my next point: a physical copy. You know that's kinda my thing. And you know that Diamond Trust of London game worked out on Kickstarter. If the numbers are still right from their Kickstarter, the minimum you need for a DS physical release is $78.5 and 1,000 units. So, you set the tier on Kickstarter for $78.50 for a physical copy and all ya need is a 1,000 biters. Sign em and number em to entice em.

    And let's not forget, almost ALL of the experience of you and your cronies prior to the past year was DS technology, either the DS itself or the N64 which it was based on. With three DS FPS games and some reflective time under your belt, you should be able to really squeeze the absolute LIFE outta a DS cart. Do things that no one ever dreamed you could. You've come pretty close with Moon & Dementium 2 I'll be honest, but you could beat em.

    So that's the suggestion. You make a DS FPS and then you port it to the eShop. Or you develop em simultaneously. The DS is officially a retro system now, and it really makes the collectors come out of the woodwork when you start makin collectible games for dead systems. Veni, Vidi, I head back to my mom's basement...

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