Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Should You Vote for Mutant Mudds on Steam?

You might be asking yourself, "Why should I vote for Mudds on Steam?" when you may already have Mutant Mudds on your 3DS, or you’re waiting for the 20 new Grannie levels to land on the eShop (which is totally going to happen btw, as a free update). You may also be thinking to yourself, “Erp, I don’t want to play Mutant Mudds on Steam or even the PC for that matter!”

Right, well – these are all excellent reasons not to care about Mutant Mudds being on Steam. However, if you care about the games that Renegade Kid produces, please read on.

Steam is the largest distribution channel for PC games, period. They outsell all of their competitors to the magnitude of something like 1000 to 1. They’re very impressive. Some games that were previously released on XBLA typically outsell the XBLA lifetime sales in just a few days on Steam.

We have ported Mutant Mudds to the PC. The result is a pretty great version of the game imo that sports 20 new levels, on-line leader boards, nifty depth-of-field effects, and an all-around solid package. I am proud of the game. The reason we devoted our time to this port was to bring the experience that many Nintendo fans have enjoyed to a new audience on the PC. And, yeah, to make some money!

In fact, money was one of the main reasons we developed the port. You see, the eShop version sold pretty well, which helped pay back our investment into the development of the game – which is totally awesome, and I feel lucky and I am thankful it achieved this. But now, we need to figure out how to fund future development.

Please don’t offer kickstarter as the solution, in your comment below. You and I can chat about that some other time, cool?

Porting Mutant Mudds to the PC, and selling it on Steam, has the potential of bringing some much needed funds into Renegade Kid, which will go straight into the development of new games. As we’re being perfectly – and frankly – honest here; I would like to put the majority of our future development efforts into the 3DS eShop and Wii U eShop titles (we’re authorized Wii U developers now btw – excite!).

So, in a nutshell:
Voting for Mutant Mudds on Steam = more future eShop titles from Renegade Kid.

I get the impression that we’re in need of about 100,000 total ‘thumbs up’ votes to reach the goal on Greenlight – so we only have about 98,000 positive votes to go… J

You can cast your vote here.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your support. You rock.


  1. With Dementium 2 apparently being ported to PC will we see that on Steam as well? Or be allowed to vote on it for such?

    Oh and I definitely voted for it. I actually just got a 3DS XL Jools and will be getting MM from the eShop shortly. :D

  2. "I get the impression that we’re in need of about 100,000 total ‘thumbs up’ votes to reach the goal on Greenlight – so we only have about 98,000 positive votes to go…"

    Yea, I voted for it day one, and came to the same conclusion...though I hope they have some other factors involved in the calculation. If so, that's very crazy for indie games. Many don't seem to get popular right away, and take a while to build up.

    Anyway, I'll be making my decision today on it!

  3. Jools, do you happen to know how Steam Greenlight works in terms of the number of upvotes needed to get a game published?

  4. Good news, can't wait for the update! With that said I do like the attitude of showing support for steam meaning further potential support for the eShop. A way to share experiences while supporting the platforms those experiences are on.

    A positive far cry from Ubisoft's lame early Wii generation talk of using funds earned from casual Wii software to fund development of new games on other platforms. Talk about a kick in the teeth.

  5. I was wondering whether or not you would actually bone your early adopters with the update.

    I was seriously upset when the news of these levels came along for steam but it was quiet for the 3DS.

    I'll go ahead and give you a thumbs up on green light as a result of this news. All of my buddies with the game are also huge on steam, so that's about 5 votes.

    I STILL DON'T LIKE YOU THOUGH, JOOLS. But damn if I don't like mudds.

  6. It's very nice of you that 3DS people like me, who obviously already have the game, get the update 4 free and I greenlighted Mutant Mudds on STeam. Just don't leave us 3DS people behind u hear me? ^^

  7. Seeing how I would like to see more Renegade Kid games on PC, that's not very encouraging — or motivating for me to evangelize this campaign — really.

    I think it's kind of insane that Valve didn't accept it at once, perhaps Greenlight is causing fewer games to get accepted outright — that would be a poisoned gift.

    Your impression is wrong btw; current goals are nigh meaningless, and absolute numbers will probably not be the sole factor in the end regardless. In fact just getting noticed is positive...

  8. I voted right away. Also I doubt you need all that many votes. What I assume is that they set the amount as high as they dared, so no game actually reaches it easily, or at all. If they did set it lower and they ended up with all games getting greenlit, it'd be a complete failure.

    As it is now, I heard they look at the achieved numbers each game achieved, compared to other games. So it's not about get 100k and get greenlit or not, but get 100k and it's a no brainer, but if you get more votes than other games, or in a short amount of time, then they look at those titles more closely, instead of sending the "no good fit" for steam mail.

  9. Thanks for making the extra levels free for 3DS users! I'm also going to get Mutant Mudds on PC so I can play on my big screen, as well as support a great indie developer!
    - Anthony

  10. I voted immediately for your game, but I won't buy it.
    Port it for mac and linux: you'll get my money and gratitude =D

  11. 100,000!? That's a pretty steep number! :O

  12. I don't understand. You guys have been able to get your games approved by Nintendo, which is known for being fairly restrictive with what it allows on its platforms.

    And yet, you're having trouble getting your game approved for release on Steam?

    If getting approval from Valve is more or even as difficult than getting approval from Nintendo, something is very wrong with this Greenlight system.

  13. I wish you guys good luck with Greenlight.
    Already voted for the game day one. It is a lot of fun on the 3DS and deserves to be on Steam.

    Im looking forward to the new stages, getting them for free is awesome :)

  14. As soon as I can get my bloody login working, I'm voting! I recently boughts Mudds from GOG and it's as cool as I'd expected.

    So thanks for putting together a PC port Jools. If your PC sales are good for Mudds, please consider us PC guys with your future (and maybe even past) games ;)

  15. [...]As soon as I can get my bloody login working, I'm voting! I recently boughts Mudds from GOG and it's as cool as I'd expected.[...]

    I fully agreed!

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