Thursday, August 23, 2012

20 New Mutant Mudds Levels Coming to eShop!?

The question I get asked the most right now is: “Will the 20 new levels that have been added to the PC version of Mutant Mudds become available on the Nintendo eShop?” So, I thought it best to write a blog post about it so I can point everyone to it when they ask me. J
The short answer is, “I hope so.”
The 20 new levels have been added to the PC version for a number of reasons. The main reason being; it makes the ‘port’ of Mutant Mudds to PC a little more special. Every game release needs something special about it to attract player’s attention, and I think the addition of 20 new levels is pretty awesome!

PC players who do not have a 3DS and may or may not be interested in Mutant Mudds might feel more of an urge to purchase the game when they learn that it has extra content. If the game were just a direct port of the 3DS version it might be a little less exciting and not register on some player’s radar.

Now, I realize that those of you who already own the 3DS version of Mutant Mudds might feel left out in the cold wanting the new 20 levels. I hear you. I too would feel that way. As you may or may not know, we are a small developer and can only accomplish a certain number of tasks before there are just not enough hours left in the day. We constantly bite off way more than we can logically chew – with multiple projects going on all the time – but, due to our experience, dedication, and passion for our craft we manage it all very professionally. Thus, we are focusing on the PC launch right now (as well as a slew of other ‘top priority’ projects).

We are games players, and I hope that shows through our games. I jump onto the eShop at least once a week – usually on Thursdays – to see what’s new. I love games. I love reading about new games. I love playing games. There’s no way I would think even for a nanosecond that the new 20 levels shouldn’t make their way to the 3DS.

But, the reality is that it takes time to add the levels to the 3DS version and it requires approval from Nintendo. I don’t expect Nintendo to have a problem with us adding the levels to the existing game (they allowed Wayforward with Mighty Switch Force), but I cannot say for certain that they will simply say yes, because I am not Nintendo. And besides, once we have added the new content to the 3DS version, we will have to resubmit the game to the ESRB and through Nintendo’s approval process, which just takes time.

I hope this helps answer the questions that I am able to address at this time. In the meantime, please buy the PC version of Mutant Mudds because it is pretty darn awesome – especially if you have a joypad attached to your computer ;)


  1. Maybe you could submit the update to the ESRB this fall, get it rated, then submit it to nintendo right after. If all works well, it will be updated the same time as the PC version coming out.

    BTW, will it work on Mac?

  2. Every game release needs something κατασκευή e-shop special about it to attract player’s attention, and I think the addition of 20 new levels is pretty awesome!

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