Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mutant Mudds Reviews

Below are some reviews for Mutant Mudds:

9/10 - Nintendo Everything.
"One of the most impressively designed 2D platformers we’ve seen in the last ten years."

5/5 - Fanbolt.
"Hit's the spot in every single aspect."

9/10 - Nintendo Life.
"No platformer fan should miss."

9/10 - Nintendo World Report.
"Awesome and addictive."

8.5/10 - IGN.
"All 3DS owners shouldn’t think twice about adding this download to their collection."

10/10 - Pure Nintendo.
"There are a lot of great eShop games out there but none of them can be said are better than Mutant Mudds."

9/10 - Gamer Limit.
"An immediate purchase for fans of platformers."

4.5/5 - Modojo.
"One of the best games we've had the privilege of playing on Nintendo's handheld."

B+ (83/100) - Nintendojo.
"It’s refreshing to see a game that contains as much joy at the end as the beginning."

4.5/5 - Nintendo Gal.
"An addictively fun platforming title, with plenty of difficulty and enough content to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth."

9/10 - Destructoid.
"Pure platforming goodness."

9/10 - Nintendo Daily.
"Do yourself a favor and buy Mutant Mudds."

5/5 - Nintendo Fuse.
"Mutant Mudds is the best game on the eShop."

10/10 - Games Abyss.

B+ (83/100) - The A.V. Club.
"Excellent precision-platformer challenges."

9/10 - GameZone.
"Superb platformer that every 3DS owner needs to experience."

B+ (83/100) - 1UP.
"A truly solid game."

I couldn't be happier with this kind of reception to the game. I'm excited that so many folks are enjoying it. Viva Nintendo eShop!


  1. I can't wait to play this game. Good job on another qualtiy game from Renegade Kid

  2. I can't say any of RK's previous games have been too appealing to me but this one seems to tick all the right boxes. I'm really happy that the reviews so far have been full of compliments and I hope it sells well man, I'll be grabbing it as soon as it hits the UK store!

  3. Glad to see all the great reviews! Regardless, I'm definitely getting this once it arrives in the UK!

  4. I'm always happy to welcome another 2D platformer into my heart, and I ha ve a feeling this is the next one!

  5. Nice work, Jools! Can't wait to pick this up.

  6. I know Renegade Kid always tried to do things other people weren't doing on handhelds, such as first-person shooters and good racers in the vein of Pure, but I think games more in the vein of Mutant Mudds may be better and quite possibly more profitable for you, because these are games that both casual and hardcore players like, in addition to Nintendo gamers of all varieties. Mutant Mudds seems a lot like something Nintendo would create, which is one heck of a compliment.

  7. I was trying to buy Mutant Mudds last night on 3DS, but my wireless wasn't working for some strange reason. I'm going to try again today weeee!

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