Saturday, November 12, 2011

The 3DS Starts Here!

Tomorrow is a day that provides US gamers with a brand new Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is called Super Mario 3D Land (SM3DL), just in case you haven’t already heard of it. Despite the obvious design and gameplay differences between SM3DL and Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, this is essentially the equivalent of Mario Galaxy for the handheld market. This is a big deal!

I love Mario games, so I am naturally excited about the game. I have purposely stayed away from watching too many trailers. I’ve watched just enough to whet my appetite and catalog what I’m in store for. But, I’m a fan – so I was already sold on the game and the Nintendo 3DS.

However, this title is of great importance to the success of the Nintendo 3DS. People who have not yet purchased a 3DS need a reason to do so. SM3DL is poised to do exactly what it needs to do: attract new customers and sell Nintendo 3DS hardware. Who can resist a next-gen Mario game of home console quality that you can take anywhere with you? This is the beginning of the 3DS’ road to success.

If SM3DL doesn’t do the trick, there’s Mario Kart 7 next month! What, seriously? Yeah, I know, right? Believe it or not, Nintendo are releasing two of the biggest selling DS brands in the same Christmas season for the 3DS - stunning! I’d place a bet that anyone who thinks Nintendo is giving up on the 3DS is sorely mistaken.

Meanwhile, on the eShop, we have Mighty Switch Force, VVVVVV, and of course, our very own Mutant Mudds making their way to the 3DS’ digital download service in the coming months. After that we have the likes of Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil being released in February 2012 – just in case Nintendo’s first-party titles aren’t edgy enough for you.

Who knows what other delights we may be in store for. The likes of Smash Brothers, Luigi’s Mansion, Kid Icarus, and Paper Mario are on the horizon. And perhaps we’ll even see titles such as Donkey Kong Country, Metroid, and Kirby make their way into the world of 3D. Good times are ahead.

The 3DS is here to stay, and here to provide people with an amazing assortment of gaming experiences. Are you ready? I sure as hell am!


  1. Agreed.

    Getting a little tired of all the rhetoric about consoles and handhelds dying out because of phones. Maybe it's true, maybe not, but it definitely hasn't happened yet! So much stuff to look forward to on the 3DS.

  2. I am incredibly excited for the 3DS and where it will go. I also can't wait for Dementium 3DS and Mutant Mudds and other Renegade Kid 3DS games. ;)

    Jools, have you given a thought to making a Google+ page for yourself or RK? I dunno, I was just thinking about it yesterday.

  3. getting a little tired of all the rhetoric about consoles and handhelds dying out because of phones.

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  4. And here we are Mr. Jools. Months later after you published this post - it looks like you were right. :)

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