Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3: A Week in the Life of a Game Developer

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  1. Off topic, have any publishers approached you wanting to support a Dementium 3 or sequel to Moon? Also, have you guys (Renegade Kid) been discussing having any interest in possible sequels to either games?

    I'm loving ATV, by the way. I still haven't completed it (gotta confess, Zelda OoT3D distracted me) but I still maintain it is one of the best racers on the DS. I still think Mario Kart takes the cake, but for a non-kart racer, ATVpwns all the others. Everything I've seen of Mutant Mudds just makes me want it more and I saw a short video some time back of Face Racers and it looked very solid, looked even better than ATV. And I'd love to hear more about this new planet game, but I'm sure you can only reveal so much at this time.

    You guys are definitely my favorite indy developers, but you also rank right up amongst Konami, Capcom and Nintendo in my book. I still remember the first time I saw Dementium: The Ward on the shelf at Gamestop. The cover immediately grabbed my attention. I bought it without a second's hesitation and began playing it as soon as I got home. From the very opening sequence all the way to the end, I was hooked, it was a very captivating game. You guys made a very good first impression with me and have maintained a high standard with your subsequent games.

    I really wish you guys could have gotten the DS Alien Infestation game. I'm positive WayForward will do a good job with it, but I would love to see you guys to an Alien FPS.

    Anyway, thanks for this video series you're doing. I have no interest or skills to be a game programmer, but I do find it all facinating to learn. This is like watching amovie with the director's commentary on.