Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mutant Mudds: Game Content

Some info on the game content of Mutant Mudds...

Levels: Mutant Mudds contains a total of 40 challenging levels. There are a total of five worlds. Each world contains 4 regular levels. Each regular level provides access to a secret sub level. When you add all of that up, you get 40 levels. However, only the first four worlds (16 regular levels & 16 secret sub levels) are initially presented to you. You must collect the Water Sprite from each of the first 32 levels to unlock the fifth world. Now, the fifth world is a little different from the first four worlds. Each level in the fifth world is locked. You must collect all of the Golden Diamonds from the first world to unlock the first level in the fifth world. There are 100 Golden Diamonds in each regular level. The secret sub levels do not contain any Golden Diamonds. There are a total of 400 Golden Diamonds to collect in the first world to unlock the first level in the fifth world.

Power-ups: Some of the secret sub levels require the use of a power-up to gain access to them. There are three power-ups that can be purchased from your Grandma's shoppe. She has an unhealthy obsession for Golden Diamonds, and demands steep prices for her gadgets. Each power-up is temporary, and will be lost when a life is lost. Do not fear, collected Golden Diamonds are never depleted from your inventory; once you've earned them they can never be taken away. If you lose a power-up before it has been utilized, you'll just need to visit the shoppe, purchase the power-up, and try again.

Multi-Tiered Completions

Completion 1: Collect the Water Sprites from the first 16 regular levels. This results in celebration ending #1.

Completion 2: Collect the Water Sprites from the first 16 regular levels and their 16 secret sub levels. This results celebration ending #2 and the unlocking of the fifth world.

Completion 3: Collect the Water Sprites from all 20 regular levels and their 20 secret sub levels. This results in celebration ending #3, immense self-pride, and a special surprise!


  1. My body is so ready for this game! :-)

  2. It's also so nice to see a seemingly dead game come back to life, especially one as cool looking as this.

    Maybe Son of the Dragon will return as an awesome 3D sidescroller too..

  3. i'm going to play this game, it looks good.

    god bless you jools. 911

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