Sunday, May 8, 2011

ATV Wild Ride on Electric Playground


  1. Man, that looks good. I can't wait to get my hands on that game. Still no word on a release date yet, huh?

    On another note, I've gone back and played your other three games... Moon is pretty bad ass. I'm liking it more now than when I first played it. I love the Dementium games, horror rocks and you guys do it well, but the sci-fi aspects of Moon really hit home with me, having grown up watching the Alien movies and Star Wars and such. By the way, I HIGHLY recommend watching Sunshine; such a brilliant film with an amazing soundtrack. And oh yeah, my whole point was Moon needs a 3DS sequel!!!

  2. The game is announced for a release on May 24th on CDUniverse, while it was announced in the same place for June 7th. Let's hope this is the good one this time !

  3. Unrelated comment here!

    Is there even a tiny super small chance that we could ever get a video glimpse into some of the development process at Renegade Kid? I did a quick look through the blog and youtube account and couldn't find anything. That would be awesome!