Thursday, February 3, 2011

ATV Wild Ride - Destructoid Review - 8/10

Destructoid's Editor-in-Chief, Nick Chester, takes ATV Wild Ride through its paces and gives us the low-down and dirty.

"Renegade Kid succeeds in building a solid portable DS racer with ATV Wild Ride."

"Excellent handheld racing package."

"Impressive amount of game content crammed onto the DS cart."

"Tracks are cleverly designed."

"Fans of arcade-style racing will feel right at home."

"Smooth-as-butter movement."

Read the full article here.

Now, all we have to do is find out when the game will be released! As soon as I find out, you'll be the first to know!! Frustrating? Yeah, a little bit.


  1. Congratulations on two favorable reviews. I'm still waiting to see some more gameplay footage, but I'll tell you what, this looks like the last DS game I may buy before I jump to the 3DS.

  2. Awesome as this review is, I have to ask: How can they review it if it's not released yet?

    Speaking of which, Jools, I got an update from Amazon about the date; apparently the new release date (according to them) is March 30th.

  3. I'm happy for you!

  4. flip2flop3, publishers send advance copies of their games to publications to (hopefully) secure favorable reviews before the game is released and (hopefully) increase sales. ATV Wild Ride was completed a while ago, so the final version has been in the publisher's hands for a bit now. The publisher sent a copy to the websites.

  5. Yes, that is correct, "Anonymous III". We send final copies of our games to the media before they are released, so reviews can be posted before or at the time of a games' release.

    Whether reviews are favorable or not, depends on the quality of the game and the reviewer's opinion of the game. Copies are sent out early to reviewers to ensure the reviewers have time to play the game and write their review.

    Obviously, the ideal scenario is that the majority of reviews are positive, creating interest in the game. But, the opposite is also possible.

    You'll notice that most shovelware titles do not receive reviews before or even after their release because the publisher knows their game is bad and they don't want you to know. :)

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