Monday, January 10, 2011

No Rise For Maximilian

It looks like Maximilian will not be rising up to thwart the Mutant Mudds on DSiWare. This makes me sad. I really wanted to see it happen. One month after I put the call out, we have 452 comments from fine folks who want to see Maximilian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds on DSiWare. Unfortunately, that is 548 votes short of where we need to be in order to start development of the title.

I realize that Max may not seem special to some people. But, I believe Max could have been a very special addition to the DSiWare library.

Very special thanks to Kevin Cassidy (RMC), head honcho at GoNintendo, who agreed to display the Max banner on his awesome site, and kept it up there much longer than I expected. I really appreciate it, man. You’re a gentleman and a true gamer.


  1. Sad to hear, but it's for the best.

    Thanks a lot though, Jools, was really hoping to see MUDDS on the rise once more.

    Kudos to RMC as well.

  2. Gah, that stinks.

    I hope the project can be revived at some point in the future. But if not, oh well. Maybe you can pull some of the ideas you had for it into another title in the future.

  3. Make it open source, I'm sure some people wouldn't mind devoting some time to it. ;)

  4. Found this on N4G.

    (weird typo above, couldn't edit o.o sorry)

  5. That's disappointing. There aren't any publishers interested in releasing it as a value title?

  6. That stinks but who knows what the future holds hopefully things will change in the future.

  7. Oh come on people! MUDDS looked great. I would of loved to actually play it.

  8. That's kind of depressing. The game looked interesting.

    I'm afraid I forgot to comment, but I wouldn't have if the game was coming to a platform I could play on. DSi seems too small of a market to me. I would have jumped if it was a standard DS release (or perhaps 3DSware?).

    I also think the name was a bit... uninteresting, compared to your other work. Not memorable.

    Don't give up on it yet! Talk to some publishers like indiePub or something. I wanna play it.

  9. Sad to see this mentality. New IPS have to take a chance. Expecting 1000 gamers to post a comment voting for a DSiWare game to be made is asking a lot. Idf you aren't working on a game because not enough people "voted" for it tpo be made makes me think you have little faith in the IP yourself, otherwise you would take a shot regardless. It is likely you would get considerably more purchases than those 400+ people who voted (some of which wouldn't purchase anyway) by Nintendo announcing it's presence and releasing a trailer on the Nintendo Channel. Maybe even get Nintendo interested in promoting it for a few seconds on Nintendo Week.

    I don't know what entities you were asking to promote the vote. The only place I saw it was GoNintendo (just one of the many game sites I frequent) and even then it was mentioned once and dropped. The banner was nice but it mentioned nothing about a vote. For something like that where you really want x number of votes, I would think it has to be constantly pushed into the face of gamers.

  10. Maximillian, or some variation of it, would be killer on the 3DS - just imagine shooting giant hulking mudd-forms with a water gun in 3D!!

  11. The comments on GoNintendo can mostly be summarized by this:

    "I didn't even know that's what the banner was for". So it was a good effort, but not a good enough effort.

    I'm with Jason! Make the game! Have faith in your IP! It looks fun, I want to play it.

  12. It's a shame that RMC at GN didn't do what I did: 1.) Put 'vote for Max' on the banner, 2.) Actually link the banner either to the story he posted, or even directly here where the vote needed to be posted (I did the latter)

    Sadly I only picked up on the news late and, therefore, Cubed3 only had the banner up for about a week. Even then I had people sending me messages asking why they couldn't anonymously post to add to the vote tally. Having to sign up/in put them off...yet they expressed great interest in the actual game.

    Jools, from what you say, it sounds like Max has a special place in your heart. In response to that I'd say look at how well the likes of Shantae have done on DSiWare. Why lay the game to bed now after all the recent viral marketing? Also, as said above, the very fact that there will always be impulse buys from those logging onto the DSi Shop in general gives all the more reason to get the game out there.

    Can you not have your arm twisted? ;)

  13. This honestly looks and sounds like the kinda game Nintendo themselves would be interested in backing. Can someone talk to the correct people.
    Can we do a letter writing campaign?/or E mail