Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Tale of ATV Wild Ride

Phew! Man, oh, man, it feels good to FINALLY announce to the world that our next game is ATV Wild Ride. Now, find a comfy chair. Pour yourself a big cup of hot chocolate, and let me tell you the tale about how it all began…

Once upon a time, in the wintery month of November, in the year two thousand and nine, Renegade Kid found itself in a particularly tight spot. It was a particularly tight spot that could be considered somewhat uncomfortable. Having completed the eagerly anticipated game, Dementium II, it had no other game deals on the horizon. What was an independent studio to do?

After many attempts to woo would-be publishing partners with proposals, demos, and kolaches, the small studio found itself at a loss. Many months had passed, and the temperature outside was dropping. But then, all of a sudden, an idea found its way into the machine known as Renegade Kid. It was an idea that was pure. It was an idea that strived for higher standards. It was an idea that could one day become a reality.

With its cogs turning, and its steam hissing, the Renegade Kid machine started to work. In two short weeks, a magical thing had happened. The idea had become a playable demo. Bursting with excitement, the playable demo was packaged up and sent out to dozens of publishers in the hope that it would find a welcoming home.

However, the excitement soon turned sorrow when no one opened their doors. More proposals and kolaches were sent out. It seemed as though the idea was destined to die on the vine of hope. That was until a band of Destineers looked beyond the veil of administration and understood the boon of the idea.

Finding themselves on the cusp of spring, Renegade Kid and their new band of Destineers entered an agreement to work together, and bring the idea to the people. Many hurdles, challenges, and struggles were overcome, and finally they sought the approval of the mighty Nintendo. With bated breath, they waited for their final word. Many days passed. Much sleep was lost. And, then it was told. Their idea met the standards put down by the wise and powerful Nintendo, and it was considered true.

And, that’s how it all happened. Pretty much. ;)


  1. Nice story. Here's wishing you success in this game's sales. I know that I'll be getting it. Since I loved Pure, I know I'll like this game. In the mean time, I shall be training for this game with LOLA-R10 in Moon.

  2. Interesting story.

    I had it in my mind that a lot of publishers weren't with your game idea.

    Glad to see it happening though!

  3. It's definitely not what I expected, and maybe not what I wanted, but it's Renegade Kid. I have faith that it will be a good game.

  4. Do i see a Killer 7 reference in the first paragraph? :)

  5. I have faith in you guys. Good luck. The DS really needs a good racing game. And the licensed music, 60fps graphics, and a good amount of levels will probably get the game to be just that.

    I don't even like offroad racers, but watching that trailer just made me bounce up and down with joy.

  6. Did'o what Chris said. except I like my Sega Rally.Woho Yaaa
    Good story looking forword to February.
    You keep making the games I want on-the-go.(THX R-Kid)

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