Monday, July 19, 2010

Double Video Feature!


  1. LOL I wearing the same shirt right now :D
    Three games on same time thats pretty hardcore and you still have time for video.
    I bought xbox last week for the RDR but we have huge problems with finding a copy here in Poland-someone screw up this badly ppl are pissed off. Never liked GTA games but im dying for damn good(bad, ugly) western game since GUN.
    About 3DS - Nintendo shoud give you SDK and Dementium could become a trilogy(or even more).
    Did you heard about easy to program 3DS GPU?No developers have time for TEV now so it might be a flexible platform.
    Even Capcom manage to port MT Framework engine.
    How the graphics look comparing to PSP?
    Im still playing on my 6 years old DishSoap waiting for nextgen handheld.

  2. Sounds like I'll be getting a 3DS! I'm pretty excited for your new games even though there is little detail on them now. My brother, Lewis, has played your Dementium*(SP?) games and I watched Lewis play them, they are pretty creepy, but neat at the same time. I'm not one for horror stuff, but they seem like something at my level. (but I don't think I could sit in a dark room by myself and let my mind wonder with this game) Anyways, I plan on buying Moon later on, it looks cool!