Saturday, June 26, 2010

E3 2010

I left Austin and headed for Los Angeles on the morning of June 15. I arrived around 10am and headed for my hotel... you can watch my E3 video to see some of the action.

I love E3. I was sad when it went away for a couple of years; reduced to a small invite-only event in a tiny hangar. E3 is a very important part of the video game industry. For me it is not only a great way to see new titles and hardware but also reconnect with friends and colleagues.

E3 2010 was a milestone show because of one new tiny hardware platform called the 3DS. If it were not for one special feature, the 3DS would be a relatively simple evolution of the Nintendo DS. The 3DS displays "real" 3D on one of its screens. 3D that can be seen without glasses. It is magic. Magic in a box.

It was wonderful spending some geek-filled time with old and new friends - gotta send much love and shout outs to Tim H, Matt K, Dana D, Derek, Glen E, Jay, Jon J, David J, Aubrey N, David B, Richard I, Michael D, Matt M, Husky, Kevin, Aaron, and all of the other fine folk I was lucky enough to hang with.

Until next year... keep playing.



  1. nice video jools.
    I was hoping E3 would give us some info on the projects you guys work on.. but I haven't seen or heard anything about it....

    how long must we wait? :(

    anywayz, keep up the good work!

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