Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indiana Jones Trilogy!

We have a theater in Austin called Alamo Drafthouse that serves good food during a movie, and I mean real food like burgers, pizza, salads, etc. Oh, and beer! Anyway, they're having a special event next Sunday where they are showing the Indiana Jones trilogy (not the 4th - haters!) back to back. How awesome is that? I thought the 4th was decent, but they don't count it, oh well. :) And, they're serving a special menu for the day, which includes monkey brains! This is the menu:

1 - Fresh Catch

Striped Bass roasted in a tangerine sauce over wild forest mushrooms on mixed jungle greens

2 - Mousaka
Lamb, dates, in ancient Egyptian spices on roast tomato

3 - Snake Curry
Slow cooked snake and plantain in madras curry served with black rice on banana leaf

4 - Eyeball Soup
Roast pearl onion soup

5 - Fuhrer’s Fave
Richardson Farm’s Pork cutlet breaded and fried with sauerkraut and spaetzle

6 - Monkey Brains!!!
Sweet coconut risotto, strawberry reduction, lychee nut, monkey skull

...And for all you thrill-seekers: don't be surprised if some beetles end up as a side dish!

I am so freakin' excited. This is the best set of movies, ever. Can't wait until next Sunday!!!



  1. nasty :)

    still haven't seen the Crystal Skull... don't know if I ever will...

  2. That must be delicious experience-
    watching "Temple of Doom" while eating Monkey Brains.

  3. Asps! Very Dangerous... you go first.

    Dr. Jones, no time for love!

    Yeah, I have all 4 on DVD and I can't just watch one. If I dare to play one, I have to play the others.

    I liked the 4th movie, but it does have its flaws. But the first three are classic cinema at its best. Now I'm going to have the Indy theme stick in my head the rest of the day...